Scheme: This home is designed as a replacement home due to the devastating fires in Santa Rosa and in particular the Nuns Fire in October 2017. Our clients finally moved in to their new home in June 2020, 32 months after the devastating fire. It is a Green Building by GreenPoints Rated standards and current Title 24 energy requirements as well as the current CALGreen standards and the 2016 California Building Codes as allowed by Sonoma County after the ruination of so many neighborhoods throughout the community. The house is located on a site with a spectacular view of the Sugarloaf Ridge and in particular a small 1680 foot peak directly across the valley that is focal point of the design. The major design strategy was to create a 3 Bed/3 Bath home using heavy structural composite lumber and beams, steel rafter tie rods, stone and concrete to create a relationship to vernacular architecture of the valley with modern influence.