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Selecting a general contractor

general contractor builderI wanted to create a quick article to cover a couple of good ways to find a good general contractor or builder for your upcoming project. The first involves doing thorough research.

Pre-Design Architecture

Pre-Design Architectural Services are often called feasibility study or pre-design studies. People sometimes do not understand the importance of pre-design planning and want to jump right into design. It is often more prudent to start with analysis and planning before architectural design. That said, pre-design services can begin at any point in the process. Typically the earlier you bring on a team of professionals, the smoother the project will go.

Eric announces racing partnership with mxHERO, Inc. for 2019

Racing, for me is all about personal achievements, accuracy and reaching my goals. I can see the benefits of doing something you are passionate about both personally and professionally as an architect and motorcycle racer. I am looking forward to partnering with mxHERO for the 2019 AFM (American Federation of Motorcyclists) season and help promote the sport, the club and my sponsors.

Why Hire a Licensed Architect?

Becoming a practicing, licensed architect is a long process that takes several years to complete even after graduating from an accredited college program. Becoming an architect is a hard, time-consuming path and not everyone that completes a degree in architecture, be it a Bachelor's or a Master's degree, decides to become a licensed or registered architect. To become a licensed architect, in addition to receiving a degree, an architect must complete almost 2,000 hours of on-the-job training under direct supervision of a licensed architect.

Phases of Architectural Design

So you're finally getting that dream home or building an ideal space for your business. But you're not quite sure what that process is actually going to look like and what it all entails to make your dream a reality? Here's what it looks like from an architect's perspective.

Home Reimagined: Rebuilding After the Northern California Wildfires

Authors: Eric Rogers & Katherine Salazar

How does a family rebound from a catastrophe such as the wildfires in the Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Napa areas? The aftermath of any disaster, while devastating, provides an opportunity for communities to reimagine their future and start anew. 

The Client/ Architect Relationship

As professionals we have a responsibility to coach our clients about the architect's role and responsibility as well as the design and construction process. Cultivating an environment of education fosters trust, creates good communication, relieves frustration, and builds successful relationships with our clients. A good working relationship between the architect and client is crucial to the success of any project. When working with an architect, the value is there from the start in terms of time and money saved during the project.