Sylvan Way

Scheme: This house is designed for a family in Woodacre. It will be a Green Building by GreenPoints Rated and CALGreen standards. The house is located on a difficult site with a downslope of 51%. The major design strategy is to create a 3 Bed/3 Bath home using heavy timber or timber composite lumber and create a relationship to a modern influence. A major point of the site design was to maintain as many of the huge Fir trees as possible (one tree is sacraficed in this scheme) and to create an architecture that takes advantage of a view corridor across the valley toward the Las Gallinas ridgeline. 


Some of the program requirements are:
3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths
As much natural light as possible and an open, modern/contemporary interior
Las Gallinas Ridge views from major rooms
Sleek modern design touch towards heavy timber construction