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Sycamore Park

Project Type:
California Contemporary

Inclusion of Green Architecture:
Designed for superior Indoor Air Quality
Engineered lumber
Wood I-Joists
OSB for Subfloor, roof and wall sheathing
FSC-Certified Wood
High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures
Sealed Combustion Gas Units
Install Carbon Monoxide Alarm(s)
Renewable Energy Generation 4.0 kW solar panels
20% better energy efficiently than required
Used Low-VOC or Zero-VOC Paint
Install ENERGY STAR appliances


Although made out of steel, the stair is inspired by design based on a logging technique that is no longer utilized in mechanical modern day logging. But at the point in history where logging was done by hand they used springboards to "step" up a tree to where a logger would cut little notches in the tree for insertion of "springboards", on which he would then stand and "top" the tree. The geometry required the use of complex computer modeling programs including Rhinoceros 3D and Autodesk Revit, them a lot of paper for templating.

Mill Valley, California
Corte Madera, CA
Larkspur, California
Larkspur, CA
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